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Book recommendations

"Martín Chambi: Photographs, 1920 -1950"

Martín Chambi was born near Puno in Peru, worked in a mine in the age of fourteen, and trained as a photographer in Arequipa. Between 1920 and 1950 he photographed the rich and the poor in Cusco. He has left 30,000 photos and is one of the greatest photographers in America and one of the greatest artists in Peru.

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"Inca Land" by Hiram Bingham

The subtitle of the book is "Explorations in the Highlands of Peru". Even if I found the onslaught on Machu Picchu terrible and the hype around Machu Picchu critical, this is a book you have to read when you visit Peru. Bingham describes in a very informative manner his research journey from 1911 to the region around Cusco, to Lake Titicaca and to the region of Arequipa.

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