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From 5th May 2018 (Europe / Tallinn)

"Der Tod von Reval" by Werner Bergengruen

The books subtitle is "Bizarre Stories from an Old City". One is about the Duke of Croy, who was colonel under Augustus the Strong and was appointed General Field Marshal by Peter the Great. Later he enjoyed life as a noble prisoner in Reval (german name of Tallinn). His corpse was used as a pledge from the Reval citizens in the hope that his family will pay his debts.
(As far as I know the book isn't available in Englisch.

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From 29th March 2018 (Europe / Lofoten)

"Töchter des Nordlichts" by Christine Kabus

The story isn't located on the Lofoten, but it's about the indigenous people of Norway, the Sami who also lived on the islands. Interesting and exciting novel about the treat of the Sami people from the beginning of the 20th century until today.
(As far as I know the book isn't available in Englisch, but I found a copy in Spanish with the title "Hijas de la luz del norte".)

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From 18th March 2018 (Europe / Lofoten)

"Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean" by Morten A. Strøksnes

The story of catching a Greenland shark in the Vestfjord is told in an exciting and humorous way, enriched with lots of interesting information about the sea, but a bit too much information from time to time.

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From 11th March 2018 (Asia / Nepal)

"Rot: Menschen in Kathmandu" by Milda Drüke

The author had the opportunity to spend several weeks in a Nepalese family. She describes the family life and the rituals that characterize everyday life, eloquent, but above all, without any rating. It gives us a glimpse into the Nepalese life, which is usually not possible. Absolutely worth reading.
As far as I know the book is not available in Englisch.

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"A Place Beneath the Pipal Tree" by Greta Rana

The sherpa girl Ang Maya grows up well protected, becomes pregnant by a monk and gets married to a wealthy senior Sherpa man to cover up the shame. The marriage is happy. Her daughter Diksung expects an adventurous life. An interesting family saga with lots of information about Sherpa and Rana life in Nepal in the first half of the 20th century.

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From 9th February 2018 (Asia / Nepal)

"Adventures af a Nepali frog" by Kanak Mani Dixit

A very nice and informative children's book. Bhaktes is a frog who turns from tadpole to frog in the rice fields near Kathmandu, and he is curious about what's behind the rice fields. As soon as his tail falls off and he is a real frog, he starts his journey through Nepal: to the Terai, to the Chitwan National Park, to Pokhara, Mustang and Dolpo. He meets other animals and nice people and gets to know his country.

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From 9th February 2018 (Asia / India)

"Göttinnen und Frauenrechte - Indiens Töchter" by Brigitte Voykowitsch

This is an older book (edited in 2000) about strong women with ongoing issues such as the oppression, abuse and illegitimacy of Indian women, as well as about old traditions such as dowry that can develop into significant payments today, and still occasional widow burning (Sati).
As far as I know the book is not available in Englisch.

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From 10th November 2017 (Asia / Nepal)

"Mustang - Das Land der Lo-pa" by Michael Beck

This is a very detailed guide through the former kingdom of Mustang in the northwestern of Nepal. For those who are not only interested in trekking to Lo Mantang, but also at the monasteries and caves, this book is an absolute must.
As far as I know the book is not available in Englisch.

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From 4th September 2017 (Asia / Nepal)

"Lo Mantang: Königreich am Rande der Einsamkeit" by Bernhard Müller

Lo Mantang, also called Mustang, is north of the Himalayan mountain range with the over 8,000 m high mountains Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. For a long time foreigners are not allowed to travel to this kingdom. A visit is now possible bu tonly on foot or by helicopter. The author returned to Mustang and describes his multiday trekking in the book.
As far as I know the book is not available in Englisch.

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The Dolpo-Pa live on a mountain plateau in the Himalayas. They have brought salt for centuries from Tibet with their yaks and exchanged grain for salt south of the Himalayas. The ways over the passes of the Himalayas are dangerous, so the caravans need experienced guides.

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From 25th July 2017 (Asia / India)

"Battlefields & Paradise" by Sabir Hussain

A detailed, informative and entertaining description of a road trip by motorbike over 3,200 km from Delhi via Srinagar to Turtuk and back. Turtuk is located in the north of Ladakh on the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. Until 1971 it was under Pakistani control and now it belongs to India.

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