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Book recommendations

"Shark Drunk: The Art of Catching a Large Shark from a Tiny Rubber Dinghy in a Big Ocean" by Morten A. Strøksnes

The story of catching a Greenland shark in the Vestfjord is told in an exciting and humorous way, enriched with lots of interesting information about the sea, but a bit too much information from time to time.

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"Töchter des Nordlichts" by Christine Kabus

The story isn't located on the Lofoten, but it's about the indigenous people of Norway, the Sami who also lived on the islands. Interesting and exciting novel about the treat of the Sami people from the beginning of the 20th century until today.
(As far as I know the book isn't available in Englisch, but I found a copy in Spanish with the title "Hijas de la luz del norte".)

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