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Movie recommendations

"Buena Vista Social Club" by Wim Wenders

The American composer Ry Cooder recorded in Havana with legendary Cuban musicians the album "Buena Vista Social Club". Wim Wenders and a small film crew accompanied this time. The result is a unique music documentary, with which he has set the Cuban musicians and their music a cinematic monument.

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"Waiting list" by Juan Carlos Tabío

When you arrive at a bus stop in Cuba your first question will be "Quien es el último?" (Who is the last?). Immediately you know, where the end of the queue is. The movie begins also with this question. People wait for rarely coming and usually already full buses at a bus stop and deal with the situation in typical Cuban style, clever and resourceful.

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"Melaza" by Carlos Lechuga

The sugar mill in the small Cuban town Melaza was closed. The inhabitants of the village try to survive. Monica manages the stoppage of the factory. Her friend Ado is the teacher of the remaining pupils. They have to pay a high penalty for unauthorized rental of a room. They are looking for a solution to raise the missing money.
The movie is in Spanish with subtitles in German and Spanish. As far as I know the movie is not available in Englisch.

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