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Book recommendations

"The House Of The Spirits" by Isabel Allende

Chilean family saga in beautiful images.

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"My Invented Country" by Isabel Allende

A personal view by Isabel Allende on her country and the chileans.

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"In Patagonia" by Bruce Chatwin

This classic book is a must for each trip to Patagonia. Bruce Chatwin hikes, travels by bus or by hitchhiking through Patagonia, where people live, who have come from different countries and reasons to Patagonia. Bruce Chatwin meets these people and reports lovingly and in detail about them. If you were already in Patagonia, you know what he is talking. If you weren't yet in Patagonia, you would like to go there after reading the book.

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"Patagonia Express" by Luis Sepúlveda

The book is a journey through the life of the chilean author. He describes his childhood, the time in jail during the military dictatorship, the trip through South America, the meeting with Bruce Chatwin and the time in Patagonia. The book ends with its roots in Spain.
(The book is available in Englisch, but I couldn't find it on Amazon. There are copies in Spanish and other languages.)

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Movie recommendations

"No!" by Pablo Larraín

Augusto Pinchot came to power by a military coup in 1973. In 1988 the international pressure is growing to legitimize his government. The chilean people decide in a referendum whether Pinochet remains president for further eight years or whether the people can elect the next president in a democratic election. The film shows the beginning and the creation of the "No" campaign, which was at the end successful.

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Movie recommendations for Eastern Island

"Rapa Nui" by Kevin Costner

The movie shows a story about the cult of the bird man on the Easter Island, the production of the Moai, the oppression of a tribe by another tribe and the resulting fight between the two tribes and a love story.

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