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Movie recommendations

"Devil's Miner"

Cerro Rico at Potosí has been mined silver for 450 years under inhuman conditions. The protagonist of this film works in the Cerro Rico. In spite of his youth and his will for another life he will always work as a miner. I have been in the Cerro Rico with a guide and was happy to see after only three hours the daylight. Modern technology and safety precautions do not exist in the Cerro Rico.

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The story of the film is overloaded with two themes, which are not related: the war photographer, whose Iraqi escort was shot, and the Bolivian Andean village, which was poisoned by mercury. The film offers on the other hand beautiful pictures of Bolivia and it shows at the same time the life in an Andean village and the problems of the exploited country.

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"Even The Rain"

A crew is making a film about the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America and choose Cochabamba in Bolivia as location. At the same time the Bolivian government privatized the water supply, therefore prices for water rose by 300% within a short time. One of the actors of the film is co-organizer of the protests against the government. The protests escalates and the so-called water war of Cochabamba starts.

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