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Book recommendations

"The General in His Labyrinth" by Gabriel García Márquez

About Simón Bolívar, one of the leader of the southamerican independency war against Spain. The book begins after his resignation as president of Colombia. His glory days were over and his last days have come...

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"Other Americas" by Sebastiao Salgado

The brazilian Sebastiao Salgado is one of the best photographer today. His black-and-white shots are amazing, overwhelming and beautiful in the same moment. He spent years in Middle and South America for his first profressional project.

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"Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent" by Andreas Altmann

A report about a journey throught Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile.
As far as I know the book is not available in Englisch.

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"The Mapmaker's Wife" by Robert Whitaker

Louis Godin took part on the first measurement of the equator near Quito, which lasted years. During the expedition he married a peruan woman. Jean Godin, hi wife, traveled from Peru along the river Amazonas until the Atlantic coast, because she wanted to met her husband after 20 years of seperation.

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Movie recommendations

"The Motorcycle Diaries"

1952 Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado decided to travel through South America. They went by motorcycle, by lorries and by ship. The journey begins as an adventure, but they will be faced with the social and political reality of the countries. Their view of the world changed.

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